RE: JohnBear Pntiac Buick Limited

In the spring of 1998 we replaced a 9'0" x 90'-0" Clear on Clear skylight over a showroom. We provided a new Clear on White cold formed skylight on reconstructed curbs. After approximately nine months I checked with Mr. Hutton as to his satisfaction. The following are unsolicited comments made by him;

  1. Numerous heavy wind swept rains without any water penetration through skylight
  2. Appearance of skylight well accepted by owner and other staff
  3. Reduced heat and glare through skylight wins praise by employees working directly under skylight
  4. Brighter environment on sales floor, additional bonus for employees in showing off new vehicles
  5. Mr. Hutton very happy with our performance in removing existing and installing new skylight while keeping disruption on sales floor to a minimum
  6. Would be happy to recommend Architectural Plastics Ltd. to any future clients

The original skylight was not our product. However, it should not have deteriorated to extent it had in 10 years. The framins was undersized, wrong type of caulking & gasket, fasteners spacing too far apart, and vulnerable to splice joints.

M. Bakes
General Manager
Architectural Plastics Limited

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